Temporal Mastery


Hi friends. For this 96th article we are going to be looking at tempo strategies, as the title so subtly hinted at. To that effect I have created two creatures, you can see right here bellow.

Rethik PhasebladeRethik Phaseblade is our first agent of Tempo.

When looking for such effects, I figured shutting down combat tricks for a turn should be interesting, especially on a creature with haste. Looking further into it, since the ability will only affect the turn she comes into play, I preferred the simpler solution of shutting down all spells. If you cast her with flash, good on you for the granted Time Walk effect.

I had to look up Izzet creatures with haste and it seems just about none have high power. I guess blue can’t really have access to that.

Imposing SeakiteImposing Seakite.

Another creative way to look at tempo could be reducing enemy creatures’ power, thus enabling an attack. I did want to make a common creature so a repeatable effect seemed like a bad idea. In the end I went for another etb effect.

quick study of common 4/4 flyiers for 4 led me to believe I could pull off similar stats, which to me is more enticing than the 3/3 for 3UU I had to begin with.
I’m pretty happy with were I landed on that one. It seems limited playable and reasonable, but good.

Simple stuff, good stuff. It has been a while I want to refocus as often as possible on common cards and the limited format. The tough part is that when inspiration comes, it rarely brings low power or low impact effects, but rather splashy sophisticated ones. On the other hand common cards need to be deliberate designs, and they demand more work to come up with.

Seems like it’s still possible to pull those off though! I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.
I’ll see you next week for more. Have a good one!

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